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    Empresariato, Casos de Sucesso Empresarial – Internacionalização

    In this book, 24 scholars study the success of Continental Mabor, Adega Cooperativa de Favaios, Amob, Joalpe, Louropel, Meia Dúzia, Monsanto GeoHotel Escola, Nobrand, Primor, Riopele, Salsa, Unissima and Vieira de Castro.

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    Inteligência Territorial – Governança, Sustentabilidade e Transparência

    In this book, 34 recognized researchers from four nationalities, teachers, technicians, entrepreneurs, associative leaders, from different academic and scientific backgrounds, from Management and Accounting to Marketing, from the Right to Geography, in fields as diverse and/or complementary as Social and tourism, or the attraction of investment, have created an essential tool.

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    Success Full, Casos de Sucesso nos Municípios Portugueses

    In this book, 24 scholars study the success of the municipalities of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Amarante, Cabeceiras de Basto, Gondomar, Lamego, Maia, Mangualde, Melgaço, Paredes, São João da Madeira and Vila do Conde.

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    Empresariato, Casos de Sucesso Empresarial – Branding

    In this book 30 scholars study the success of the companies: Leica, Ach . Brito, âme moi, Casa Grande Chocolatier, Camisaria Machado, Ferrugem, Josefinas, Livraria Lello, Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, Porminho, ROQ, Samsys and Viarco.

What is Success Full?

In addition to an in-depth study of what success is, focused on the lives and careers of personalities and entities inspiring our contemporaneity, as well as on the most incognito citizens and those who guide their lives by the pursuit of human and social success. The aim is to highlight several causes - many times unknown - that will try to transform the universe in which we live in a more successful place.

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